Ever heard of CSA's... community supported agriculture?  Penner Pumpkins sells something similar called veggie bags.  They are on sale now.

Opening weekend May 16-18, 2020

Please see Facebook for more information and locations.

This is Lorissa's third year growing in a "new" environment and is learning what plants like and don't like.  She still has a green thumb when it comes to growing vegetable plants and the amount in the store is what is available for sale. 


Her thumb has turned black when trying to grow herbs, mints, and flowers.  In the next couple of weeks inventory might change if the herbs, mint, and flowers decide to start growing.

Lorissa prefers starting as much from seed as possible instead of buying from a plant wholesaler.  

This year is a bit uncertain.  There may or may not be farmers' markets this year, with the uncertainty I'm offering pick up at my garden or delivery.  Plants will be ready for pick up in May.

Mother's Day Market: I will be participating in the South Osborne Mother's Day Sale. It will be online and pick up will happen May 10. I love variety and not so much quantity. I will have 10 products listed on their store. What I have arranged is that people who buy on their site, than can shop on my site and I will combine the orders (it's two different sites so you will have to pay on each site) and everything can be picked up May 10. If orders are picked up at the market there is no delivery fee. The reason you need to buy on their store is for crowd control. They are being very strict on when people come and how many people are picking up at a time. The store: www.localline.ca/southosbornefarmersmarket

Pick up at the garden: Thursday and Friday 1-8 pm.  Depending on what the situation is like I might do pick up at my garden on Saturday if there are no markets on Saturday.  

Shopping in Person: The greenhouse will be opening May 14 from 1-8 pm.  Days and hours are Thurs-Sat 1-8 pm, and Sunday 1-6 pm.


-Steinbach, Mitchell and Blumenort, free and plants will be delivered on Tuesdays starting in May.  Order minimum $15.

-Grunthal, La Broquerie, Ste. Anne, Landmark, and Niverville $5 fee and plants will be delivered on Tuesday starting in May.  Order minimum $10.

-Winnipeg $10 fee and plants will be delivered on Wednesday starting in May  (follow Facebook  for updates on possible markets in Winnipeg, if I do markets in Winnipeg and you pick up at markets there is no delivery fee).




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