U-Pick Pumpkin Days

Ever wanted to pick pumpkins in a pumpkin patch? Sept. 19 and 26, 2021 you can pick the perfect pumpkin in the patch. There will also be pre-picked pumpkins and veggies for sale.


2021 was an exceptionally bad year for pumpkins.  Typically 4 or so trailer loads are picked.  This year if Lorissa gets 1 trailer load she will be thankful.  The south side plants did not grow.  The reason the u-pick is happening on the south side vs the north side (which is gorgeous looking, can be seen via appointments) is because the corn trail, possibly a big pumpkin, and the sun flower room are here.

There will be lots of photo opportunity: a corn "room", the 67 blue truck loaded with pumpkins, and more.

Location: Across from the Mennonite Heritage Museum.  Note: I have 2 gardens, a north and south, this is happening on the south garden.  To get to my north garden you go north of Double R and to get to my south garden you go south of Double R.

Date: Septermber 19 and 26, 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm.  Rain or shine!


  • If you have a wagon, or wheelbarrow you may want to bring it.  The patch is big and some pumpkins are massive!

  • They're no bathrooms at the patch.  The closest is the Mennonite Heritage Museum or McDonald's.  

  • Pumpkin leaves and stems are prickly.  To have an enjoyable time long pants and closed toe shoes or boots are suggested.  If you have gardening gloves you may want to bring them to protect your hands.

  • Be cautious when walking in the patch, the ground is uneven.

  • Pumpkin stems are fragile, please pick up pumpkins from the bottom.  

  • Will pumpkins keep til October?  Yes, if you follow these tips: storage tips.

  • Covid-19 saferty measures will be in place.