Root Veggie Box

Root Veggie Box


A box full of delicious veggies that store well in a cool, well ventilated, and dark area (such as a garage or unfinished basement). Or use for your Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. Everything Penner Pumpkins Farm Store grows is naturally grown and best of all it's local.


Large Root Veggie Box

  • 10 lbs beets

  • 5 lbs carrots

  • 5 lbs onions

  • 25 lbs potatoes

Bonus (not root veggies, but they store well)

  • 2 pie pumpkins

  • 3 winter squash


$85/box. 5 boxes available



Small Root Veggie Box

  • 5 lbs beets

  • 5 lbs carrots

  • 2.5 lbs onions

  • 15 lbs potatoes

Bonus (not root veggies, but they store well)

  • 2 pie pumpkins

  • 2 winter squash


$50/box. 5 boxes available



Unwashed veggies store the best. Occasionally carrots and beets will be washed because of weather. When it rains the garden turns into mud! The place you store your veggies should be dark and well ventilated. The place should be cool, but not go below freezing. Ideal places are root cellars, unfinished basements, and garages. Beets and carrots can be stored in the fridge or stored layered in sand in a box. Onions and potatoes can be store in a potato box or in a cardboard box with a few slits for ventilation.


Pick up starts the middle of September: Thursday and Friday 4-8 pm at the garden or Saturday 10 am -2 pm at the Steinbach Community Market. An e-mail will be sent out confirming pickup dates and times. Please note once the veggies leave the premiese sole responsibility of storing them properly is your responsibility. There are no refunds and no replacements. Veggies are carefully sorted and looked through before being sold.



  • Potatoes: Norland (red skin, white flesh), Russet, and Yukon Gold (yellow flesh)\

  • Beets: round or cylinder

  • Onions: Spanish, red, white, or mix

  • Winter Squash: butternut, acorn, delicata, and buttercup.




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