• Pot is 3.3" by 3.3" and has one plant
  • For growing information please check out the Pumpkinist Lora blog

Zucchini Plant

  • Green Zucchini

    -Days: 43

    -7-8" long

    -Medium green

    -Open plant, less spines

    -Big bushy plant

    Yellow Zucchini

    -Days: 46

    -10" long

    -Semi spineless open plant

    -Big bushy plant

    Round Zucchini

    -Days: 55

    -Round 3" balls

    -Big bush.  24-30" tall and 24"-36" wide

    Patty Pan Squash


    -Days: 50

    -Flat UFO shaped, yellow with green centre.  Picked at 1-3".

    -Fry with some butter, roast them, or steam them.