• Pot is 3.3" by 3.3" and has one plant
  • For growing information please check out the Pumpkinist Lora blog

Winter Squash Plants

  • Butternut Plant


    -Days: 85-90 

    -Fruit size: 2-2.5 lb

    -Vine length: Semi-bush plant, vines get 3-4' long


    --Days: 90

    -Fruit size: 9 lbs.  They are huge.

    -Vine length: Long

    Acorn Plant

    -Days: 85 days

    -Fruit size: 2 lbs

    -Vine length: Compact bush

    -Green fruit and plants are prolific

    Spaghetti Plant

    -Days 70 days

    -Fruit size: 3-6 lbs

    -Vine length: 48-60 inches


    -Days: 100

    -Fruit size: 1-3 lbs

    -Vine length: Short 1 foot vines