• Pot is 3.3" by 3.3" and containes 1 plant.
  • Pack cell is 3" by 2" and contains 6 plants.

Viola and Pansy

  • Viola: more tolearnt of cold and heat, smaller blooms, trail

    Pansy: larger blooms and leaves, grow taller

    Edible flowers have a mild wintergreen flavor.

    Sun or part shade


    Autumn Mix: Viola,  mounded 6"-8", maroon, dark purple, orange, white, and yellow.  Mixture of the bolder seasonal Sorbet XP flowers.

    Frizzle Sizzle Mix: Pansy, mounded 6"-10", ruffled edges, blue/purple, burgundy and yellow.

    Cat Series: Pansy, mounded 5-8", looks like cat whiskers on the flowers, colors: orange, purple, red, white, blue, bi colors and yellow.  Did not germinate well, might have a few for sale at the greenhouse.

    Penny Jump Up MIx (viola tricolor): Viola, mounded 4-6", colors are Orange Jump Up, Peach Jump Up, White Jump Up & Yellow Jump up.