Please note: yields fluctuate, there is no way to tell what yields will be like for the week.  Expectations are 50-75 lbs a picking.

Pickling Cucumbers

  • Price: U-Pick $1.50/lb   Pre-Picked $2.25/lb

    Deposit: $10.  Penner Pumpkins is trying a new system this year.  The last two years have been a struggle to get people to show up to pick up their orders or people canceling 10 minutes before they are suppose to show up.  No shows means Penner Pumpkins is losing money and every dollar is extremely important to stay afloat.  Penner Pumpkins is taking bookings this year.  The $10 is non-refundable and will hold your spot.  Lorissa picks regardless of weather conditions, rain showers: she's picking; tornado: she'll wait til it blows over and than start picking.

    Picking Dates: Starting in August every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday opening at 10 am til 8 pm.  Starting date August 3.

    Expected yields:  This is not an exact science and yields fluctuate year to year.  Science says you should get 1 lb from a foot of cucumbers planted.  Penner Pumpkins is planting 150 feet, if there is a lot of interest before June 1st Lorissa will plant another 50'-100'.  Low yield: 50 pounds and high yield 150 pounds.  Lorissa always goes with the worst case scenario so expectations are 50-75 pounds a picking.  When booking please state how many pounds you  would like, 10 lbs, 50 lbs, all of them, etc..  There's no guarantee you'll get that amount, but it'll help Lorissa plan.