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  • Pot is 4" by 5" and contains 1 plant.
  • This year Lorissa bought plugs and seeds.  Last year the lavender refused to grow.  Plugs means the lavender is well established and should grow well this year.


  • Full sun

    In Manitoba is an annual, unless brough inside for winter.  Though keeping lavender alive during winter is a challenge.

    Likes well draining soil, prefers to be on the drier side.

    Hidcote Blue

    • Lavandula angustifolia
    • Dark blue flowers
    • Zone 5
    • Full sun
    • 12-24" tall

    Ellagance Mix

    • Lavandula angustifolia
    • Colors: Purple, white, and pink
    • Zone 5
    • Full sun
    • 12-14" tall

    Madrid Pink

    • Lavandula stoechas (Spanish)
    • Deep-purple spikes with pink petals on top (kind of looks like rabbit ears)
    • Zone 7
    • Full sun
    • 12-18" tall




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