Large Porch Package

  • 2 cornstalk bundles

  • 1 bale

  • 3 large orange pumpkins (approx 20-25 lbs)

  • 3 speciality pumpkins (white, blue, pink, red, tan, or green)

  • 11 gourds

  • 6 mini pumpkins

  • 5 small pumpkins (baseball to softball sized, orange or white)

Price: $75

Large Porch Package

    • Penner Pumpkins grows over 60 varieties of pumpkins and winter squash so each display will be unique and different from one another.
    • Pick up is at the garden Thursday or Friday from 4-8 pm or at the Steinbach Community Market Saturday from 10 am-2pm.  E-maill will be sent to confirm pick up details.
    • Products will be ready for pick up middle of September.




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