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  • Pot is 4" by 5" and contains 1 plant.

Bee Balm

  • Also known as monarda.

    Flavor is minty, citrusy, and spicy.

    Sun and part shade

    Grows to 2'-4'

    Uses: teas, salads, garnishes, and to attract pollinators.  Flowers and leaves are edible.


    Lemon: Lemon scented, purple/pink flowers, annual but can re seed. Monarda citriodora

    Panorama: Panorama, semidouble blooms in shades of lavender, salmon, magenta, and pale to bright pinks, Zone 4.  Monarda didyma.

    Wild Bergamot:  Leaves smell minty, pink/purple/white flowers, zone 3.  Monarda fistulosa.  When used in tea the flavor is sort of like Earl Grey blends.