Frequently asked questions

Do you do any Farmers' Markets in Winnipeg?

Penner Pumpkins Farm Store currently does not have a weekly market that they attend in Winnipeg. They do occasionaly attend Pop Up markets and they post these markets on their Facebook page.

Do I have to buy my plants online?

No. Under the location tab there are hours for the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not your typical greenhouse. Most of the plants are outside or our in something called low tunnel hoop houses. There is plans in the future to build another greenhouse.

What methods of payment do you take?

Prefer cash, especially people's change jars, but can accept credit cards and tap debit cards. Also E-transfers are accepted.

Do you ship plants?

Currently we don't. It's a very complicated process shipping plants and we haven't figured out that process yet.

Why are your pumpkin patch days in September?

Simple answer: weather. Pumpkins don't like it if the weather drops below -3 celius and a frozen pumpkin is a rotten pumpkin. Penner Pumpkins begins picking the pumpkins off the field Sept. 15. If it ever goes below 0 celius all the pumpkins are covered with an insulated tarps.

Do you do bulk orders?

Yes, with certain products. Products: potatoes, tomatoes, onions, pumpkins, gourds, mini pumpkins, cut flowers, cucumbers, Indian Corn, garlic scapes, garlic, and sweet corn. Please contact for pricing. Please note quantity is weather dependent.

I want a certain plant, but it never goes in stock, why?

Penner Pumpkins has a "master" list of all the plants they grow. In an ideal environment all plants would reach the sellable stage, but in real life there is battles with gophers, poor germination, frost, and diseases. A plant might not go for sale this year, but it is still a plant that Penner Pumpkins plans on growing and selling next year.

Do you deliver?

Depends! With orders over $125 Penner Pumpkins can deliver within 20 kms of Steinbach. Outside of the 20 kms there is a $60 delivery charge.

How does the online store work?

The store is a click and collect. You put items in the cart, check out and Penner Pumpkins will send you an e-mail when your items are ready for pick up. The greenhouse opens May 14 at 1 pm at the garden.

When will your plants go in stock?

Penner Pumpkins will have the amount of plants available for sale posted on April 1. Plants can be picked starting May 14. If you order early Penner Pumpkins will send a reminder e-mail to pick up your plants when the greenhouse opens. Some plant varieties will have lots available and some will be limited.

How are your products grown?

Everything is naturally grown. The two products Penner Pumpkins uses is Magic Seaweed and diatomaceous earth. The seed companies they use are Stokes, T and T, Vesey's, Siegers, and Baker's Rare Seeds. The seed companies state everything is gmo free.




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