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My greenhouse will be opening May 14 2020 at 1 pm.

Veggie bags will be for sale starting end of Feb.  Small is $90 for the season and large is $180 for the season.

PP Farm Store is a tiny 0.5 acre market garden and 3 acre pumpkin patch. I divide my 6 months into 2's.  First is plants, than veggies, and ends with pumpkins.  PP Farm Store is run solo by me (Lorissa or Lora). My dad loves my tractor so he occasionally will help me till the garden, otherwise I do all the planting, weeding, tilling, hoeing, picking, washing, etc. myself.


I try to be as natural as possible but will use Magic Seaweed fertilizer, BT, and diatomaceous earth to give the plants a boost and combat the pests. All 3 of these are considered organic, non-harmful to beneficial insects, and won't affect humans.  I use BT only when it looks like I'll lose a crop, it's my lifeline to prevent lose of income.  This year I have been battling flea beetles and over 20, 000 cutworms. Also the weather hasn't been the greatest this year: frost and it was super dry!  Now the garden received too much rain, but it is drying out.

Veggie Bags


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  • Gourds

  • Indian Corn

  • Jams, Jellies, Relishes, and Pickles

  • Handmade Greeting Cards

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